Retaining Walls

Where you have soil at two different levels – like a gap between the side of your home and a bank of earth, or anywhere where the path or driveway is cut into an embankment then you need a retaining wall to hold that soil back. Bricky Bros Home & Maintenance are experts at building those retaining walls so that they are tough enough to hold back the earth while looking good and fitting with the style of your home.

Surveying For Retaining - The strength of the wall required depends on the amount of soil to be held back, the soil type and its soil friction factor. It takes an experienced professional to properly survey the site and calculate the forces at play so as to design the type and thickness of retaining wall that won’t just look good but will look good for a lifetime without losing the never ending scrummage with the soil. Bricky Bros Home & Maintenance are experts at this job and will take a look at the height difference between the levels and the type of soil because soil type affects the amount it moves.

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