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Bricky Bros & Home Maintenance are your local professionals when it comes to walls, fencing, paving, floors, repair, renovation, and building. We’re qualified builders and bricklayers working in the Southern Suburbs of the Ilawarra and we really know the housing styles around here so if you’re looking for a builder or bricklayer near you then you just found exactly what you’re looking for. We take pride in our work and have the satisfied customers to prove it. We quote fairly, and we usually cost less than the competition because we have the experience to be able to work fast and cleanly, typically finishing jobs to a higher quality than rivals in a shorter time. Talk to us today about what we can do to make your house a home or turn your dreams into reality.

Ammad Rammal

CO-founder of bricky Bros & fencing

We love what we do

Over 15 Years Experience

Experts in fencing, walls, rendering, renovation and repairs for over 15 years

Best Materials

It takes an experienced professional to properly survey the site and calculate the forces at play and we make sure to use the best materials available

Professional Standards

We can help. We can come and survey your wall, calculate where and why it is struggling to take the strain, and repair it or remodel it to give it better strength.



We have rich experience



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